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Frequently asked questions

How far in the future can I schedule a message?
Currently, Time Cave accepts messages to be sent as far away as December 31, 2035. Allowing dates even further away might strain credibility: who knows if you'll even be reading email then (versus using some direct-mind wireless implant or having your self-driving car process your email for you)?

We've operated since 2000, and we try to keep our reach into the future roughly in line with how long we've operated.
How can I get messages to appear to come from my own address instead of from Time Cave?
All messages you send to any address other than your own will appear to come from your address, not from Time Cave's. Only messages you send to yourself appear to come from Time Cave, and that's just to prevent confusion.
How many users does Time Cave have?
Time Cave currently has around 35,000 users.

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